Project: Northern Illinois University

For this project we were tasked with designing all the screens for a mobile app that would take you through the entire process of ordering a meal. Aside from basic ordering we also had to create screens for a main menu, an account, locations/map, favorites, customizations, special instructions, cart, payments, delivery options, and a receipt. 

I chose to do a really unique ‘burger bar’ type restaurant that uses all fresh and organic ingredients. These types of restaurants are really popular these days and are actually one of my favorite types of restaurants to go to because of how much you can push the envelope on what we’ve always know about the basic hamburger. Which is something I really wanted to push in this app, burgers today are far from what we’ve all grown up eating. 

Something I really wanted to focus on within this app was being able to customize all the burgers with tons & tons of interesting toppings how ever one could imagine. With all this uniqueness we all want fresh, organic ingredients to really add to that gourmet burger vibe. This is where I came up with the name “Grass Fed,” because it truly says all of these things. When it comes to the names of the burgers, I also wanted them to be unique and quirky, so I went with puns that went with the types of burgers there are. The naming, the style throughout the app, and the high quality food photography all truly express the look & feel I was going for.  

Load Screen, Sign In Screen & Create an Account Screen

My Account Screen, Main Menu Screen & Favorites Screen

Find Locations Screen, Selected Locations Screen & Menu Screen

Burgers Screen, ‘You’re So Eggstra!’ Burger Screen & Customize Screen

Cart Screen, Ordering Information Screen & Payment Screen

Confirmation Screen, Receipt Screen & Special Instructions Screen

Screen Recording

Below is a screen recording of how the entire app works. It takes you through all the screens and the entire process from begging with logging in or starting as a guest to ending where you complete the ordering process and can see your final receipt.