Project: Northern Illinois University 

For this project we were given only two days to complete a series of three beer bottle labels for a fictitious brewery called, Falstaff. There were no rules or limitations other than they had to work individually and together as a series of three and they had to completed within the 48 hour time period. 

My boyfriend and I are really into the craft beer scene that is ever so popular in today’s day and age so when we were given this project with free range, I was excited to get creative. As a person who likes sweeter drinks and is newly into trying beers, I wanted to go with flavors that appealed to me and some of which I think other’s would be really intrigued by as well. Therefore, the fruity flavors that a beer can take on is what really spoke to me, so I knew I wanted to go in the route of fruitier beers for this project. 

I had recently been experimenting with painting different found objects and seeing what kinds of textures they’d give off, once stamped onto paper. I had been trying things like leaves and plants, flowers, wood, and different fruits and vegetables. I thought this technique would mix great with the fruity beers I had chosen. Aside from just the fruit aspect, I wanted them to have a very fresh, light, organic feel which tied in great to the hand made fruit stamps. 

Design & Naming 

When it came to the design I wanted all the elements to really tie together and give it the organic look & feel I was going for. I chose the off white paper that had a little bit of speckle to it because it gave the labels some warmth. For the main typeface I chose one that had organic and hand-drawn characteristics and I set in all lowercase because it gave it a lighter and looser feel. I mixed it with a light script for the brewery name and a very thin sans serif for the style name because they both had lots of curves to enhance this light, organic feeling. 

When it came to the naming of each of the beers, I chose fresh ingredients. I research what flavors paired well with each of the fruits I chose and figured out which style of beer those flavors would work best with. I used orange, strawberry, and blackberry for many reasons. These three fruits are very different sizes, colors, and give off very different textures which worked well within the series.