Project: Northern Illinois University

For this project, we were tasked with using Adobe Muse in order to create a single-page website on a famous graphic designer, while also using scroll effects to enhance the design. My website is on the one and only, April Greiman. As you scroll through this website, you will see a number of her famous pieces displayed in different ways. The pieces that are used in this site are a Poster for Warner Records from 1982, her WET Magazine, Sept/Oct, cover from 1979, a stamp design for USPS to commemorate the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution (Women’s Voting Rights) from 1995, and her “Does It Make Sense?” Design Quarterly #133 from 1986. These are all shown in the gallery below. 

To accompany each of her pieces, I used different graphic elements taken from the pieces to really give it a “Greiman-esque” feel. Aside from imagery and graphic elements, there is also a bit of a back story on her and her life as a designer, as well as, some different quotes to help you better understand the famous designer she is known as today.  

Screen Shots

Below you will see some screen shots of the site so you can get the look and feel at a quick glance. Each one of these screen shots is of a different section, or project piece, of Greiman’s.

As you can see, the colors and graphic elements change with each of the projects to match the project best and although a lot changes throughout one page, there are some things that keep it consistent. The “randomness” that truly illustrates her style is one thing that stays consistent, as well as, the body text.