Project: Northern Illinois University 

For this project we were given an extended amount of time because a lot went into this project. We were tasked with researching airlines, doing brand audits, and seeing what already exists in the world of airline companies. We had to come up with something different and had to find the niche where our new airline could fit in, regardless of if it could actually work in the real world or not. Upon doing research, I found that so many flights have delays and layovers and cancellations every single day. I wanted to create an airline that could get you from point A to point B (anywhere in the world) with no cancellations, no connecting flights or layovers, and most importantly no delays.  

With that being said, I needed a name that fit what I was going for, so I landed on ‘Speed of Flight International Airlines’ by doing tons of naming exercises. I also had to create an entire brand strategy which included a mission statement (which is essentially stated above), target audiences, brand attributes, and touch points that made sense with my brand.